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Timișoara North Water Supply & Sewerage Systems

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Construct S.R.L. (55%) in JV with Saif-Tim SA, Tuboterm Construct SRL, Formin SA
Principal AQUATIM S.A.
Location Timisoara, Timis County - Romania
Type Pipeline construction
Runtime 11.2012 - 01.2016

New pipes for Timișoara.

This project took place in the northern part of Timișoara, in Sannicolau Mare to be more precise. There, PORR in a consortium with Saif-Tim SA, Tuboterm Construct SRL and Formin SA realised the rehabilitation and extension of the already existing water supply and sewerage systems with a FIDIC Red Book contract. Timișoara city is the capital of Timis County and has a population of approximately 320,000 people.

The scope of work for the sewerage system included not only the installation of 150mm to 1,000mm long GRP pipes on a stretch of 13km, but also the construction of 290 manholes and about 530 household connections.

For the water supply system, PORR also executed the installation of around 9.5km of pipes, thereof 6.8km of HDPE pipes with diameters of up to 355mm and 0.65km DI pipes with diameters of up to 400mm.

Furthermore, the work on the water supply system comprised around 225 household connections as well as the construction of 40 large vale chambers.

Most of the pipelaying was executed in an open trench. However, about 190m of sewer pipes and 2,000m of water pipes had to be installed trenchless and were executed through horizontal drilling.

The project was successfully completed in January 2016.