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Our values

The 5 principles of PORR.

Reliability. Shoulder to shoulder. Appreciation. Passion. Pioneering spirit. These are our five PORR principles that unite us and make us unique. They form our common corporate culture and are everything we need to grow and grow together. In this way, we can become even stronger as a team and ensure the sustainable success of PORR. But there is even more behind these five principles. Three interpretations each show what they mean to us.


  • Commit - don't command.
  • Responsibility starts with me.
  • Rules are not a matter of personal choice.

Shoulder to shoulder

  • Dare to go beyond your silo.
  • No lone wolves, please.
  • Information & knowledge should be shared.


  • Diversity - definitely.
  • I am not the center of the universe.
  • Fairness is a point of honour to us.


  • Working together for the best solution.
  • No comprimises when it comes to construction.
  • The best minds at PORR.

Pioneering spirit

  • Always one step ahead.
  • Entrepreneurs at heart.
  • Mistakes are a learning opportunity.