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A reliable partner for any kind of construction.

PORR Construct S.R.L. was founded in 2004 as a local branch of the PORR Group and has been carrying out activities throughout Romania since then. The headquarters are located in Bucharest and we have two branch offices, one in Timisoara and one in Buftea. Our main activities are carried out in the building construction and civil engineering sectors.

PORR Romania is part of the international PORR Group with its main headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and home markets in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania. Further branch offices reach from Norway to Qatar.

Our dedicated teams secure PORR’s success in many different countries. We deliberately focus on our core competency which is, of course, construction. With our strategy of intelligent growth, we focus on the result, not on the production output. For everything we are working on we always keep our main motto in mind: Together we are building the future.

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