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Sibiu Asphalt Plant

Commitment to quality. 

The Benninghoven TBA 3000 UE asphalt mixture production plant from 2009 was installed in Sibiu  in 2021.

Its maximum production capacity is 240 t/h; in 2021 alone, a quantity of 12,000 tons was processed here. 

The plant produces, with the help of quarry/gravel pit aggregates, 50/70 Bitumen, PMB (modified bitumen) and limestone filler, adhesive additive, cellulose fiber, all types of asphalt (AB 31.5, AB 22.4, BAD 22.4, MAS 16 , BA 16, BAP 16).

The asphalt is delivered in optimal conditions across distances of up to 200 kilometers. The necessary stocks are permanently ensured due to the large material storage capacity of the plant.

PORR Romania has used the asphalt produced in Sibiu on the Sibiu-Pitești Motorway, lot 1, and is now serving local infrastructure projects, which are in continuous development. 

Available Orders.

Our team in the Local Infrastructure Division in Timișoara is at your disposal. For details, please contact our colleague Gheorghe Valentin Preda at or +40729 946 644.