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Buftea Asphalt Plant

Passion and performance.

Passion and performance are two of the ingredients ensuring the success of the Benninghoven TBA 240u asphalt plant, owned by PORR Romania at Buftea.

Its maximum production capacity is 240 t/h; between July 2019 and December 2021, over 300,000 tons of asphalt mixtures were processed here.

The plant produces, with the help of quarry/gravel pit aggregates, 50/70 Bitumen, PMB (Modified Bitumen) and limestone filler, all types of black asphalt (Ma 8, Ba8, Ba16, Bap16, AB 31.5, Bad 22.4, Mas 16, Mas 8 and Mas 11.2) and colored asphalt (red, green etc.).

The process is fast and efficient, and orders are processed within a maximum of 24 hours after they were placed and paid. The asphalt is delivered in optimal conditions across distances of up to 200 kilometers. Temperature additives are used for long-distance transport, for longer-lasting workability and for temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.

Available Orders.

Our Buftea team is ready to take orders at any time, the plant being constantly stocked with all kinds of materials.

To place an order, our colleague Biro Csaba is at your disposal at email address or telephone number: +40 731 041 578.

PORR Romania used the asphalt produced in Buftea in its representative construction works in the Bucharest North area (A2 Motorway, rehabilitation of DJ101 and DJ711, lot 3 and lot 4, rehabilitation of the landing strip at Otopeni or DN5).

Construction Testing and Analysis Laboratory.

One of the PORR Romania laboratories is also located inside the asphalt plant (ISC authorization no. 3524/2019; AFER authorization series AL no. 610/2019-R1)

Main activities of the laboratory.

  • Carrying out geotechnical investigations through specific laboratory tests, but also field tests for the technical analysis of the quality of the materials used, performing static and dynamic tests at the level of earthworks;
  • Assimilation and implementation of European methods of materials analysis;
  • Carrying out tests on materials used in road works;
  • Studies and tests for the implementation of new materials and high-performance road technologies;
  • Research for the assimilation and implementation of modern methods of material analysis and design of asphalt mixtures used in the execution of road pavements.

The laboratory is also authorized for the following profiles.

  • ANCFD: Natural aggregates for railway and road works;
  • AR: Resistance reinforcement of concrete steel, wire or welded mesh;
  • BBABP: Concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete;
  • D: Roads;
  • GTF: Geotechnics and foundation ground;
  • EP: Paving elements (pavers, tiles, curbs);
  • HITIF: Waterproofing, thermal insulation, sound insulation (polystyrene, mineral wool, polyurethane, ETICS, waterproofing materials);
  • MBM: Concrete and mortar materials (aggregates, cement, concrete and mortar water);
  • MD: Road materials;
  • MTZ: Mortars for plasters and masonry (mortars, screeds, adhesives for ceramic tiles, plaster and gypsum-based plasters, joint mortars for tiles).

For more details, our colleague, Eugenia Drăgoi, is at your disposal at e-mail address or telephone number +40 733 013 759.