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A tradition of quality management.

The PORR Group has prioritised having the highest quality standards since its very beginnings – and not just in terms of realising buildings. We understand quality as referring not only to the quality of our projects, but as also including environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

Certifications allow us to send out a clear signal. They give us official confirmations that our quality assurances are not just about paying lip service, but are instead a reality we embody every single day.

Certifications held by PORR Romania.

  • AFER Authorisation
  • Asphalt Certificate
  • IQ Net Certificate
  • ISC Authorisation
  • Rail Supply Authorisation
  • Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority Approval Certificate
  • SQS Certificate by Quality Austria 
  • SRAC Certificate MA
  • SRAC Certificate SMA
  • Technical Certification
  • SRAC Certificat MA
  • SRAC Certificat SMA
  • Certificare tehnică