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Tramway Stefan cel Mare

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Construct S.R.L.
Principal Timișoara Municipality
Location Timisoara, Timis County - Romania
Type Rail construction
Runtime 04.2014 - 05.2015

Tramline and a whole new street.

In the course of the project Tramway Stefan cel Mare PORR was responsible for the renewal of the tramlines and the whole infrastructure of Stefan cel Mare Street in Timișoara.

The scope of work for PORR Construct S.R.L. covered not only the renovation of the tramline tracks but also the renewal of the whole infrastructure including water, sewage, gas and thermic networks

Furthermore, the contract comprised the construction of a 450m long new road.

This project’s special challenge consisted in the redirection of all public supply lines. We had to separate them into two special underground channels which ran on the left and right side of the new road.