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Galda Landfill & Waste Treatment Plant

Facts and Figures
Company JV PORR Construct S.R.L. (58%), PORR Bau GmbH, Entsorga Italia SpA
Principal Alba County Council
Location Galda de Jos, Alba County - Romania
Type Environmental clean-up
Runtime 02.2015 - 10.2016

A clean future for Alba County.

In 2015 PORR started with the construction of an integrated waste management centre and an ecological landfill, as well as a sorting plant (SP) and a simple mechanical and biological treatment plant (MBT), in Galda de Jos, Alba County.

A project with massive capacities.
Our scope of work was to design and build a sorting plant for solid waste with a capacity of 42,000t/year and an MBT plant with a minimum capacity of 85,000t/year. This included the execution of a first landfill cell of around 543,000m3 together with various infrastructure elements. An important part of the job was to optimise the design quantities of earthworks in order to minimise the transportation of cutting and filling.

First cell of the ecological landfill.
Works on the first main item started with earthworks and consisted of the construction of a geological barrier by using clay. The next steps were the integration of artificial waterproofing, the drainage system, the leachate collection system and a part of the biogas removal system.

Administration building and road works.
The execution of the security and waste reception building, of the ecological landfill management building, as well as of the garage and service shop including the related indoor installations was also in the hands of PORR. Infrastructure elements included internal traffic roads, an equipment parking area and roads for access onto the first cell of the ecological landfill.

Design and build of MBT and SP.

Works on the mechanical and biological waste treatment plant and the waste sorting plant also included the execution of technological halls, the delivery, installation and initial operation of all facilities, biological treatment cells, leachate collection and redistribution networks, container storage spaces and a mobile fuel station.

Final touches.
An additional part of the project was the construction of the internal water supply and sewage networks including wastewater pumping systems and an oil separator, a rainwater collection network, fire prevention systems, communications systems, lighting and electrical installations. After a project duration of only one-and-a-half years, construction works were all finished. In October 2016, the new landfill, the sorting plant and the MBT plant were handed over to a satisfied customer.

Main figures.

  • Excavation: 490,000m3
  • Fill: 215,000m3
  • Geosynthetics: 53,000m2
  • Mineral drainage layer: 26,500m3
  • Concrete: 7,000m3
  • Metallic structures: 600t