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Executive Management

Committed teams secure our success.

Construction is a people business. Entrepreneurial thinking is becoming ever more important. We are ideally equipped for the future with our management team, a team that encourages every PORRian to contribute and play a proactive role in shaping PORR.

Vladimir Spirescu, COO building construction, Board member

Vladimir Spirescu has been the manager of the Building Construction division of PORR Romania since 2013, when his professional career with the company began. Until 2013 he also worked in the construction area, namely as a project manager and civil, industrial & environmental division manager for another Austrian construction group with international operations. Vladimir Spirescu is a passionate engineer. Under his supervision the project teams were able to deliver impressive results within given periods of time. He is an Executive MBA qualified and fluent in English and French. He excel at strategic thinking, is open to new perspectives and better ways to do things, creative, visionary, and manage innovation well. Over the years Vladimir has configured and implemented strategies leading to the penetration of new markets, delivering profitable growth and directing the expansion to new regions.

Ana-Maria Cojocaru, CFO, Board member

Ana-Maria Cojocaru has been the commercial managing director of PORR Romania since 2016. As a 2nd year student at the Bucharest Academy for Economic Studies she started working for a Big Four company as an intern. There, Ana-Maria continued her professional development as a tax consultant after finishing her academic studies for more than three years. Before joining PORR, she worked with a big international retail company for more than five years where, first as a tax manager and then as a financial director, she was part of various system implementations, company reorganizations and business development projects.

Ana-Maria likes to read non-fiction, meaning “anything that helps me to better understand the world we are living in from science to business and even history literature” while swimming and hiking are her go to activities for a relaxing weekend. 

Ana is passionate about her work and believes that for a leader, reliability and showing appreciation for the team’s achievements are two must-have features which fuel the pioneering spirit in the company. In terms of PORR values, Ana concludes that the basis for the positive development that PORR has had so far in Romania was the shoulder to shoulder approach throughout the entire organization.

Mario Pröll, COO infrastructure/civil construction, Board member

Mario is a remarkable leader, people are following him due to his powerful, straight forward personality, trustful and loyal character. He is ambitious and targeted, people oriented, solution and result driven, very skilled in projects acquisition and completion.

As a professional, he perfectly harmonizes a compliance of technical and commercial competencies, resulting from experience acquired within highly developed management systems within European leading companies.

Over the last 30 years he has managed teams of over 500 people and projects worth over 140 million Euro and his career success comes from trusting his teams, as well as his amazing determination for getting work done properly and on time.

He is passionate about leading and developing people, managing and coordinating resources and projects in order to achieve planned targets.

Mario loves Romania, as he lives and works here since 1999. He constantly trusts in the future and the potential of our country and his presence here is his mission and contribution to the Romanian development.