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Mario Pröll

COO Infrastructure Division

Mario Pröll COO Infrastructure Division


Mario is a natural born leader; people follow him due to his powerful and straightforward personality, as well as his fair and trustworthy character. He is ambitious and people-oriented, seeking solutions for every situation, and has a vast experience in the acquisition of new projects.

As a professional in his field, Mario has both technical and commercial knowledge, resulting from the experience acquired within various European management systems in a variety of companies.  

Over the last 30 years, he has managed teams of over 500 people and projects worth over EUR 140 million; his successful career is due to the trust he shows to the teams he is working with, as well as to his determination to get things done properly and on time. 

He is passionate about leading and developing people, managing and coordinating resources and projects, so as to reach their full potential.

Mario loves Romania, he has been living and working here since 1999. He has always believed in the potential of our country and the development of Romania has always been his goal and mission.