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Ana-Maria Cojocaru


Ana-Maria Cojocaru CFO


Ana-Maria Cojocaru has been our commercial managing director since 2016. As a 2nd year student at the Bucharest Academy for Economic Studies, she started working with one of the Big Four companies as an intern. After finishing her academic studies, Ana-Maria continued her professional development there as a tax consultant for more than three years. Before joining PORR, she worked with one of the largest international retail companies for over 5 years, first as a tax manager and then as a financial director; thus, she was involved in the implementation of various new systems, in company reorganization processes and a variety of business development project.

Ana-Maria likes to read non-fiction, meaning “anything that helps me to better understand the world we are living in, from science to business and even the history of literature”, while swimming and hiking are her go-to activities for a relaxing weekend. 

Ana is passionate about her work and believes that, in order to be a good leader, trust and appreciation for the teams’ achievements are two of the key ingredients which fuel the pioneering spirit within the company. In terms of PORR values, Ana believes that PORR can continue to have the same positive development it has had so far by keeping up the same “shoulder to shoulder” approach.