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Working at PORR

Working in our shoes.

We at PORR do not only work on inspiring experiences, we also accomplish a lot of extraordinary and challenging projects. We commit to creating outstanding opportunities to work on projects that become technological or social landmarks. Every day we find inspiration and learn from our colleagues, our work, our passions and hobbies.

We value each member of our PORR family and constantly develop measures to support individual growth for the benefit of both individual and team performance.

There are many reasons why PORR is a great place to work.

Secure jobs, supportive leaders, the latest technologies and an environment that supports ideas and initiatives. Learn more about why you should start your future with us.

Job security.

A strong and reliable team starts with an environment that provides job security, putting each and everyone in a position to develop her or his full potential. We at PORR provide secure jobs so that you can aim high and walk the extra mile to achieve our company goals with energy and enthusiasm.

Approachable, supportive leaders.

PORRians are entrepreneurs at heart and always one step ahead. We see mistakes as an opportunity to innovate and grow. Our leaders are always there for you to discover your own entrepreneurial spirit and to support your initiatives and actions.

Latest technologies and solutions.

Technologies and innovations are changing the way we live and work together. The cultural shift towards a new digital era reached the construction sector some years ago. As a result, PORR has introduced new initiatives and optimised processes and also invested in expanding its IT infrastructure.

We work with state-of-the-art approaches and constantly apply new methods. LEAN Design, LEAN Construction and BIM help us to become more creative, faster and productive throughout the entire value chain. Working at PORR is also about accessing the appropriate resources for business development in both an effective and efficient way. All you need to start with is a hands-on mentality.

Consistent investment in development.

We at PORR strongly believe in every individual’s personal and professional development. Therefore we continuously develop programmes dedicated to learning and development and we encourage each of our employees to share best practices and contribute to our learning process.

A company that supports ideas and initiatives.

We truly believe that each of us can make a difference. Everyone’s ideas are unique. Together we can work on them and transform traditional solutions to innovations. Determination, initiative and opportunities are the key factors for both personal and business development. Consequently, we support new ways of accomplishing tasks and initiatives as a prerequisite for innovation.