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We are always happy to help if you are interested in becoming a PORRian or have any questions concerning your career at PORR.

Do you want to know more about PORR life, people and events?

Our communication expert and coordinator Adriana is looking forward to hearing from you. Take the opportunity to talk about your job interests, initiatives or requirements. Adriana has vast experience in communication, is passionate about reading, travelling and the psychology behind what motivates each and everyone of us, on a professional but also a personal basis.

“I believe that every person is unique and special. I am always looking for the passion that drives people to do things or simply be. My personal motto is: Find someone who wants to invest in you, to learn from you, to see you win, to support your visions, and to fall in love with you daily.”

Paula Boboc Talent and Culture Manager
Theodora Șopaltă PR & Communication Specialist